Andrew Carnegie said, “Effective collaboration is difficult to achieve, but it is invaluable in the business world.” This quote is timeless, and we can refer to it today. In developing DocsQuality, we focus on cooperation based on trust and clear objectives. In this article, we present several foundations on which we build our long-term partnerships.

In many organizations, control, assessment of the correctness of received documents, and verification of the information contained within them are key elements of quality management. They are not only helpful in maintaining the proper course of processes and maintaining efficiency but also minimize the likelihood of errors that can lead to serious consequences, such as non-compliance with regulations or financial losses.

The introduction of document quality standardization principles in large organizations is a time-consuming process, involving implementing technological solutions and training employees. We wrote here about how to streamline this process and additionally introduce savings.

Our goal is to provide unique solutions supporting document circulation for medium and large organizations both in Poland and abroad.

Andrzej Chybicki CEO Inero Software

The software we developed, DocsQuality, is a tool that supports medium and large organizations in introducing standardization and maintaining the quality of documentation at the proper level. Files such as scans of invoices, photos of receipts, or low-quality transport documents are immediately identified by the system, which informs about the need for their verification. DocsQuality can be integrated with an existing Document Management System (DMS), Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system, or implemented locally.

Our solution also supports software developers who include OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality in their offerings. In such cases, the application classifies the document, determining, among other things, its quality and category, the readability of the text, thus minimizing the risk of errors during analysis.

The DocsQuality proposition is aimed at both individual clients and companies that want to expand the functionality of their software with efficient monitoring of documentation quality. Thanks to years of experience, we have developed a set of practices and processes that allow for building long-term cooperation.

In creating a partnership program, we set common business goals, pricing policy, and develop a plan for promoting the solution. We respect the time of both us and our partners, which is why we offer clear and transparent terms, defined in an agreement that includes, among other things:

  • A precise description of the subject of the agreement
  • Rules for offering the application to clients
  • Clear settlement rules between parties
  • Transparent terms of license use.

Pricing Policy and Settlement

In developing the growth strategy for DocsQuality, we decided that our partners would retain the decision-making power regarding the pricing policy they apply to their clients, to whom they offer the use of the application as part of their product.

We offer our software in four subscription plans and settle accounts on a pay-per-use basis.

a. Starter – verification of up to 3,000 document pages per month,
b. Business – verification of up to 10,000 document pages per month,
c. Enterprise – verification of up to 30,000 document pages per month,
d. Custom – more than 50,000 pages of verification per month, or another – special offer.

Confidentiality and Data Security

The application is prepared for deployment both on-premise (offline) and as a cloud solution within the end client’s internal infrastructure. We prioritize data confidentiality. DocsQuality provides an API interface that allows for the estimation of document quality and categorization, ensuring that these documents remain fully secure within the internal network and do not leave its boundaries. This means they are not transmitted outside of this network area, nor do they enter the public network space. By maintaining full control over the data, DocsQuality minimizes the risk of their unauthorized disclosure or access.

Technical Support

We provide technical support, such as updating software provided to the customer, care during the use of the application (HelpDesk), and many other activities aimed at jointly ensuring the proper use of DocsQuality functionalities by the client.

We respond to reported errors regarding the application’s functioning immediately. We strive for this to be a maximum of 1 working day and make every effort to correct reported irregularities as soon as possible.

Promotion and Marketing

The Inero Software team supports every partner, including in the area of marketing and promotion of the application. By entering into an agreement, we provide all materials and establish joint actions or actions that the partner will undertake as part of the promotion aimed at their customers, to promote the use of the Application.

Focus on Development

We understand how important continuous software development is, which is why we are constantly working on new features within DocsQuality. We listen carefully to the information and suggestions coming from our partners to better meet the needs of the end customer.

We see the significant potential that comes with the use of large language models (LLMs). Artificial intelligence is currently a very popular buzzword that attracts attention, and its use can translate into increased interest and software efficiency.

Comment from the Inero Software CEO

In creating DocsQuality, we think about long-term cooperation with our current and future partners, which can bring mutual benefits. We created this application to give our partners the opportunity to enhance their digital products with unique AI features for verifying documents and the information contained within. In designing this solution, we use our many years of experience in cooperating with clients in logistics, medtech, and administration. Our partnership proposal takes into account important implementation issues such as the confidentiality of processed data, GDPR compliance, clear billing, and a clear description of the benefits of AI implementation.

Our goal is to provide unique solutions supporting document circulation for medium and large organizations both in Poland and abroad.

Andrzej Chybicki

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