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Our team is trying to create a solution that is easy to integrate with the existing learner circulation systems and their processing.

1. General Questions

DocsQuality is a universal tool that allows you to automatically verify the quality of documents processed in your organization. DocsQuality uses advanced analytical business intelligence functions that detect undesirable features in documents that make reading and analyzing documents difficult, such as unreadable handwriting, blurring and smears of the document, overexposure, dirt on the document and others. DocsQuality can be easily integrated with any electronic document flow and management system. Its implementation will improve the efficiency of document processing and ensure their legibility at every stage of processing in your organization.

DocsQuality works for documents worldwide and works with documents written in every language. In case of any questions regarding specific local features of DocsQuality, contact our support team on

The easiest way to start working with DocsQuality is to use the online version. Simply create your account od docsQuality account and use a dedicated API. If you want to use DocsQuality offline you can also download the installable package or contact our support on

DocsQuality is a licensed software. Depending on the type of license, the fees are paid monthly or annually. Depending on the number of documents you will process, you can choose the most convenient license for you. More information on pricing can be found on our website in the "Pricing" section.

In case of problems or questions regarding DocsQuality, please contact our support:

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